Addiction Support

Nicotine is a substance found in cigarettes, and it’s as addictive as really strong drugs like heroin and cocaine.

When someone smokes, nicotine affects their brain in just 10 seconds.
Think of nicotine like a special ingredient that enters the body when you breathe in cigarette smoke. Smoking might make people feel relaxed at first, but it actually makes their hearts beat faster.

These good feelings don’t last long, and over time, smokers need more and more cigarettes to feel that way again. This is why it’s hard for them to stop.

Even children between 11 and 16 can get addicted to nicotine quickly if they smoke regularly.

If someone quits smoking, they might feel some not-so-great things at first, like really wanting a cigarette, being a bit grumpy, or having trouble sleeping. But in the long run, quitting is perfect for their health and life.

Support for young people with SmokeFree Hull (For Ages 12 and Up)

SmokeFree Hull helps young people stop smoking for free and in secret. They have a 12-week plan with one-on-one talks, discussions about why people smoke, how to handle tough situations, and how to live a healthier life. They even check something called carbon monoxide and give support every week. If you decide to stop smoking, they can help you with a voucher for your nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) at the pharmacy. No stress, we got you!

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